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It’s Plain and Simple….. Businesses that ADVERTISE On 103.9 The Truck ACHIEVE RESULTS!!

Why is that??
Well, not only does 103.9  The Truck cover an area populated by 230,000 residents including residents of the Fargo/Moorhead metro area, we do what no other Fargo metro station does….super serve nearly 100,000 residents that surround Fargo, living in the rural areas from West Fargo to Valley City,  up and down the Red River Valley. An area that is rich in disposable income!


That 103.9 The Truck is the ONLY radio station located in the heart of Cass County, super serving not only the 50,000 rural population of Cass County, but an additional 45,000 people in Steel, Barnes, Traill and Ransom Counties?


That the median income of Rural Cass County residents is $5,000 – $22,000 higher than the median income of Fargo metro residents?


That 103.9 The Truck’s coverage area covers over 3,500 farms with almost $800 million dollars in cash receipts? And, that 103.9 The Truck is the exclusive radio station in Cass County broadcasting Agriculture Media Research’s #1 rated farm programming, The Red River Farm Network! The most listened to, and most trusted farm programming available!

103.9 The Truck targets an audience that no other Fargo metro radio station targets, that’s why rural area businesses advertise and get results, because we target customers in their own backyard!

If you are a Fargo or Valley City business, it’s plain and simple. Nearly, 100,000 people in 20,000 households will either go to Fargo, Moorhead or Valley City to make a major purchase or to do major shopping. Wouldn’t you like some of these potential customers to visit your business? What would those rural dollars mean to the bottom line of your business? We bet quite a bit!

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to market your business to a clientele whose income averages $22,000 more a year then residents of the Fargo metro?

We ask our listeners to “Get Your Butt In The Truck”!  So jump on board and increase your bottom line by jumping on The Truck as well!!

 Delivering Rural Dollars to Rural and City Businesses.

Call the 103.9 The Truck Sales Department, and let us show you just how affordable it is to market you business and increase your bottom line!


Angela Babbitt
Sales Manager
Phone  701.261.9961

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